"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" - Albert Einstein

My name is Cindy Chang, a fourth year communication major at University of California, Santa Barbara, with double minor in Chinese and professional writing, Multimedia track.

Photography, design, and layout are my passion. I started my journey when I joined my high school's Yearbook Club and felt in love with manipulating images and texts to create creative and informative designs. Following my interest in digital editing, I became a staff member of The Bottom Line Newspaper at UCSB and continuing advancing to be its senior layout editor. I am also involved in various other publications on campus.

In my free time I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. I recently came back from studying abroad in Hong Kong, and am eagerly planning my next adventure. I also like cooking and baking, listening to music, decorating my bullet journal, and taking walks on the beach.



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Magnam, 2015: Best User

Information Awards, 2014: Gold

One Man Show, 2015: Platinum Arch

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Tincidunt idea 2016: Gold Place

Additional Skills

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Cindy Chang

6667 El Colegio Road

Goleta, California